Do You Have Problems Like This With Your Parents?

Always saying NO
Not listening to you
Not trusting you
Nagging and yelling at you
Treating you like a kid

Do You have Problems Like This With Your Teen?

Demanding freedom/Not taking responsibility
Angry or violent behaviour
Use of drugs or alcohol
High risk sexual behaviour
Uncooperative behaviour
Low academic motivation/School attendance problem

Do You have Issues Like This with Your Partner?
Different parenting philosophy
Difficulty setting limits together
Parenting after separation/Step parenting

In Family Therapy, I support teens and parents who are making the difficult transition from being a family with children to being a family of adults. Often in this process, there is painful conflict between parents and teens. I help parents and teens find ways of negotiating solutions to these conflicts. Teens can begin to take on responsibility and become more genuinely independent and parents can relax and get back their own lives.

Because teenagers’ privacy and autonomy need to be respected, I usually meet with teens separately from their parents.

I can help teens with individual concerns like low self esteem, negative mood, school pressure, peer relations, relations with parents, sexual identity/behaviour and substance use.

I work with parents to find strategies for working together with each other, setting effective limits and encouraging their teen. Family life in homes with teens really can be good!

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