Q: What days and times are appointments available?
A: I have daytime appointments on Monday, Friday and Saturday. I have evening appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Q: Where is your office?
A: My office is at 348 Danforth Avenue in The Carrot Common, an enclave on the north side of Danforth Avenue and east of Broadview Avenue. It is between Jackman Avenue and Chester Avenue.

Arriving by TTC, my office is a few doors west of Chester Subway Station or four short blocks east of Broadview Subway Station.

The entrance for my office at 348 Danforth Avenue is beside and just to the west of the “Book City” store. A staircase leads upstairs to the second floor. My office is in Suite 207 on the second floor, at the top of the stairs and immediately to the right.

Q: How soon can I get an appointment?
A: First appointments are usually available within a week.

Q: How long are therapy sessions?
A: Sessions are one hour long. My initial session may be up to one and a half hours, as I need to get your history and clarify with you what are your goals for therapy. (The fee for the initial session will be the same as for regular sessions.)

Q: How often do I have to come for counselling?
A: Counselling sessions can be weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or at whatever
intervals works for you. If you travel or have heavy time commitments,
counselling sessions can be scheduled at times convenient for you.

Q: How long does counselling last?
A: Counselling can continue as long as you find that it is beneficial for you. Some clients can benefit from one or two sessions, targeting a particular current issue. Many choose brief therapy of six to twelve sessions. Some choose to do longer term work to address an issue stemming from childhood. We can discuss what you would like to do, set goals and plan for an approximate length of therapy in the first session. We will discuss regularly the progress you feel you are making toward your goal until counselling is completed.

Many people find that the benefits of counselling are felt more fully in the weeks and months following the work. As a new awareness gained from counselling begins to lead to new behaviour in the months after counselling is complete, some people start to identify new goals. They sometimes choose to return to counselling to address these. I like to be as flexible as possible in order to ensure the most gain.

Q: Are you covered by insurance?
A: My services are not covered by OHIP. Some employee benefit plans and private insurance plans will cover my services. I can supply a receipt.

Q: What if I don’t like counselling, or don’t feel I “click” with the counsellor?
A: You are under absolutely no obligation to continue. Please just let me know if you would like to terminate counselling. It is important for you to work with a counsellor with whom you feel comfortable, and sometimes clients need to see more than one to find the right one. Good therapists all understand this, and encourage clients to try other counsellors if it is not working.

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