Is Any of These Your Reality?

Living in a new culture
Coming home after living in another culture
Being in an intercultural (bicultural) family
Raising Third Culture Kids

I work with individuals and families who have moved between cultures or are living with more than one culture at once.

If you have left a different and familiar environment behind to live here in Toronto, you are dealing with cross-cultural adaptation.
If you are home again after living in another culture and find that things are not at all the same, you are experiencing the issues of repatriation.
If you live with a partner or extended family members who are from another culture, you are in an intercultural family.
If your children have been living for some time away from the culture that you grew up in, and are at school with other children like them, they may be Third Culture Kids.

These experiences give all of us special skills and knowledge. Sometimes they can also cause difficulties.

I have lived overseas both in Asia and in Europe, and spent eight years specializing in cross-cultural and intercultural issues. I can work with you and your family to find strategies that let you enjoy the benefits of cross-cultural living with less of the stress.

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