Do You Have Any Of These Issues With Your Partner?

Trouble with communicating effectively
Difficulty resolving conflicts
Transition to a new stage of family life (Marriage, New Baby, Empty Nest)
Conflicting parenting styles
Step parenting /Blended families
Difficult relationships with extended family
Infidelity or fear of infidelity
Missing intimacy
Sexual dissatisfaction
Verbal aggression
Spousal violence

In Couple Therapy, we can address the difficulties that you and your partner have in your ongoing life together. We can deal with the problems that make you feel distant from each other and that get in the way of living together comfortably.

I will usually work with both of you together but sometimes I might see you separately. If there has been violence, I will work with only one person at a time, and may recommend other programs.

We can deal with any parenting issues which cause tension in your relationship, whether you and your partner are parenting together, parenting separately with an ex-partner or in a new blended family.

My clients include both heterosexual and LGBT couples.

I choose from many different techniques and can find a unique way of working with each couple that is best for who you are and for what you are dealing with.

What I like most about couple therapy is that, even when a couple is working with difficult issues, it can actually be fun. You can connect again with the playful spirit that you enjoyed early in your relationship.

My office is in the restaurant district on The Danforth and couples often like to go for dinner after sessions to continue the conversation.
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